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Koncertai Burmistrui | Concerts for the Burgermeister  

Musical Festival in Merkinė

Koncertai Burmistrui brings together classical, jazz, and contemporary music concerts, musical education, captivating stories, engaging meetings and experiences in Merkinė, a charming town nestled in the heart of Dzūkija National Park, Lithuania.


This unique festival is a fusion of musical genres and cultural exploration, inspired by the rich history and the warm-hearted residents of Merkinė. Curated and organized by Barbora Valiukevičiūtė, the event is a celebration of the town's heritage and its deep-rooted connection to music.

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What do Burgermeister, music, and Merkinė have in common?

Merkinė, once the favored residence of Vladislav Vaza IV (1632-1648), the erudite King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, was a hub for music enthusiasts. Accompanied by musicians from Western Europe, Vladislav Vaza IV indulged in the beauty of music while staying in Merkinė. The affluent Burgermeister, responsible for the city, ensured the ruler's entourage was well-cared for, organizing exquisite music concerts. Today, the preserved mayor's house, standing in the heart of modern Merkinė, stands as a testament to this rich heritage, captivating both locals and visitors alike.

“The preserved house and the legacy of the mayor serve as a symbolic bridge between contemporary Merkinė and the era of Duke Vladislav Vaza. The beginning of this festival was driven by the desire to transcend the confines of conventional concert halls, enrich the musical repertoire of small towns and re-introduce the melodies of classical music"

Barbora Valiukevičiūtė

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