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Lessons and Masterclasses

I am giving private lessons to students, helping to prepare for auditions, recitals, or recordings. Also, I am regularly teaching masterclasses. Click below for schedule and more info

  • Lessons can take place online as well as in person.

  • Available in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Lithuanian

  • Contact me by email regarding private lessons

Teaching: Welcome

Approach to teaching

During my classes, I emphasize helping students feel connected with their bodies. Let the music flow without tension. As a teacher, I aim to help students feel free to express themselves in music in any way they feel confident.

My motivation to become a teacher grew out of my passion for music. It reflected my own experience of becoming a professional violinist. I immersed myself in music early on in my childhood.

What started first as a childish curiosity and fascination grew into professional aspiration – by the time of graduation, I was sure I wanted to continue playing the violin.

During all this time, I was motivated to excel, but there was something that would hold me back. I was tense in classes, anxious and self-doubting during exams or auditions. I was afraid of performances and did not enjoy them.

 I managed to overcome anxieties and discomforts only later in my university years. Then, finally, I was able to perform free of tension and fear – what a relief it was! I was thrilled to discover self-confidence and a feeling of calm. 

Music is firstly a sensual pleasure, and the way you feel affects your play. So it is not only about mastering a sophisticated technique but also about conveying emotions. 

Creating an environment where my students can feel free of anxiety became the foundation of my approach to teaching, upon which curiosity, imagination, and mindfulness can flourish.

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